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About us

Our mission

We aim to provide modern, best quality software for any size project and to deliver our customers solutions that will boost their buisnesses. Our contribution in your success will be the best achievement for us.


The idea behind oapp project is to emphasize diversity of our customers and users, delivering best possible software to fulfil any goals and tasks, even those most specific. We have an approach to get what you need instead of get what we have.

We will try our best to understand your business, processes and activites, to build a powerful tool that will simplify and enhance your work. And with our flexibility, it will be forking exactly as you want to, fitting your business, staff and customers perfectly.

In order to achieve this, every single project we are starting from completely blank page, an empty canvas that will be filled to suit your needs.

In all we do, we are extremely careful about all details you probably not even aware of. All our pages are furnished with set of meta-data and objects that will boost your SEO capabilities, on top of other background functions like automatic sitemap generation.

Website design is not choosen by an accident. Our fluid responsive design will scale and look as beautiful on your 4K TV as on small old smartphone. But mobile version is not only to fit smaller screen - we also introduced touch screen support, so every interactive element is separated and positioned in a way is easy to tap even with most clumsy fingers. We are also considerate about our disabled visitors - big contrasts, color-blind friendly design, or support for website readers for blind.

Finally, our attention to details cause that our software is extremely reliable, secure and perfectly optimised. As an example, our score with Google Insight:

100% performance

We are bringing in many years of education and professional experience within ICT, web development, programming, e-commerce, SEO and cybersecurity. We are keen to build long-lasting professional relationships with our customers and partners.