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In case of emergency
we are one message away

Cybersecurity emergency

If your service is under attack or you suspect attack occured recently, we can help. Similarily if serious vulnerability has been identified, we may quickly patch it up. We will focus on reducing impact and securing your data, implement temporary protection to avoid reccuring attack, then we investigate what happened and recover your service to safe operational condition.

Critical hotfix

When your service is down due to critical error and needs fix ASAP, we can trace the problem and implement a hotfix. Such emergency hotfix is usually temporary solution. Once problem won't be that urgent it will be your decision if we will work on permanent patch.

Delayed project

Whenever you feel you are not able to complete your project by deadline or at all, you have us by your side. You can outsource part of your project to us, or let us finish it for you.

Contact us

Please do not disclose passwords or provide us access to your services before we ask for it. We will aim to respond as soon as possible to your request.

If you see it, ignore next input.

What happens next

We will aim to respond to your request as soon as possible. Having in mind severity and urgency of your issue, you will be informed if we are able to handle it immediately or within reasonable time. We will also initially provide you with provisional time and cost of the service.

Major threat

If there is major risk for compromise your data or service integrity due to security breach or error, we will aim to partially disable affected areas, or the whole service. If you are able and confident to do it yourself - you may proceed immediately.


Depending on the nature of issue, we might need an access to your server, logs, service provider etc. For security reasons do not provide us access before requested. It always would be better if you could create temporary access credentials rather than providing us your own. We do not store any credentials once service is finished, but we strongly encourage you to change your passwords before and after the service.