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Service type - Personal and business websites are meant to be mostly informational. E-commerce and services website will serve users in any way of your choice. Management systems are highly complex and sophisticated and allows you to control majority of your business from within. Your choice is an indicator for us, but there are no separate products for each, and you can easily upgrade from one to another at any time.

Deployment method - Software as a Service (SaaS) means that you will order a software from us, and by the deadline it will be live and working online, and you will have access to it. Once you decide to leave us, you are welcome to take domain and frontend code with you. This is cheaper and more convenient option. Self Hosting (SH) is mostly for advanced management systems where you would like to run your software in your own environment, usually inside non-public network. Within this model once project is completed you will receive full source code, and you will need to take care about technical aspects.