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Privacy policy

We do not collect any non-essential data about you.
Only you are providing us with all data we process.
We do not track you.
We never share any data with 3rd parties.

What information are we collecting and how?

If you just browse through our website, we do not collect or process any personally indentifiable information in any way.

All collected information are provided voluntary by user while performing interactions with our website or services and we do our best to make it transparent. Collected data includes: email address; phone number; full name; business details such as name and address. We do not store payment details.

How the information is used?

All provided information is used solely for purpose it was initially collected and never shared with any 3rd party.

If you provided your contact details within website to contact us, we will only use your information to contact you back. You need to opt-in for any marketing communication from us.

If you are using any paid service, we will use your personal or business details only to provide you with services.

How the information is stored?

User's data is stored securely within information system and is protected to avoid unauthorised access under, but not limited to, legal standards in United Kingdom. All transmitted data both over website or emails is always encrypted.

Your rights about your data?

As a registered customer, you have access to review and modify your data in any time. You can do it within your user panel or ask us for assistance. We do not store or process any data you have no access to.

You have a right to be forgotten, which means we have to delete all your data on request. If you have any active service, it needs to be terminated first. Upon valid request we will permanently remove all your data within 7 days.

Normally we store data only as long as it is considered useful, what is 6 months for all requests over website, 24 months for inacvtive customer accounts and up to 36 months for emails and all other communication.

Cookies & Tracking

All our cookies are extensively protected. We do not use any 3rd party cookies nor allow our cookies to be used outside of our websites and services. We use cookies to improve user experience and security while browsing our websites. To avoid intrusive pop-ups, we are asking for permission only when it is reasonable - e.g. we wish to save non-essential cookie on user's device.

We do not use any tracking or fingerprinting technology within our websites. Traffic and interactions with our website are monitored, although we are not capturing any user-related data.

If you want to learn more about privacy, have request or complaint please feel welcome to contact us.