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Our mission is to strengthen our customers by providing quality software and comprehensive care. We take responsibility for delivering secure and compliant solutions that will make the Internet a better place for everyone, one website at a time.

How we achieve that?

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By providing software of outstanding technical quality and following the best practices of our industry. We are already outclassing the best, and still push forwards to perfection.

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By working closely with our customers, understanding their goals and their businesses. Providing solutions that are perfectly tailored to their needs and continuously care about their projects.

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By keeping our systems and infrastructure secure and protecting our customers and their clients from cyber threats. Maintaining security and privacy by design approach across all services.

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By supporting our customers and business partners with training and information. At the same time staying on top of new knowledge, supporting research and development in a broad technical society.

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Finally, we strive to use all our potential to benefit our customers. Our contribution to your success is the best achievement we can aim for.

What we delivered

The average page load speed in 2023 among all our projects was 0.28s (global - 2.11s). We are within the top 1000 of 12.8M tested websites (top 0.008%), while our TTI (time to interactive) is 10x faster than the global average.

Our security grading is always at 100%, and every project was fully compliant with relevant standards while according to different research, around 70% of websites are non-compliant with GDPR or PCI DSS requirements.

Our average Google Insight rating is 99.2%, while the average for 1500 similar services in the UK was under 75%.

All the above are technical metrics as they are the most reliable to compare, but all have a direct impact on SEO and customer conversion rates.

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Oapp Limited, developed since 2017, and incorporated in England and Wales in 2022. We strive to continuously support our customers and establish new standards in software engineering.

In today's world, creating a website has become very easy and quick. However, the internet is now filled with low-quality services that are often unreliable and prone to fail. As a result, business owners are hesitant to venture into the online world. On the other hand, there are high-quality solutions, but they are often too expensive and can only be afforded by large enterprises, with costs ranging from several to hundreds of thousands per year.

We are here to bridge the gap and demonstrate that bespoke and quality services are even within reach of micro-businesses, and to showcase the impact a high-quality website or system can have on an organization.

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Google Search Console: major improvement in just 6 months


We teamed up with JobsAware, a non-profit organisation protecting workers rights. In our mission to make the Internet safer for everyone, we support scam victims to seek help and offer protection to businesses that are abused for cybercriminal activities.