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oapp framework is a back-end system that makes your web service work. It is 100% developed by us, so we have full control over its behaviour and we are able to make any adjustments, including core functions, just to make sure you will be satisfied. It is similar to operating systems like MS Windows, acting as an interface between server, Internet protocols, the main application and you - the user. Key functions are to secure and optimize your software.

If your project is urgent, we will do anything to complete it before planned launch date. The time to complete your project is mostly influenced by workload required to finish it, that could be around week or two for simple informational websites, close to a month to complete advanced e-commerce platform, and even several months to fully implement complex management system.

Scale and complexity of your project is the main factor determining the price, although we can confirm is relatively low compared to similar service providers. Despite we offer multiple side services, we will assess your needs and charge you accordingly, while all services will be still available to you. Development cost and cost of maintenance is separated, which makes our service more beneficial if you are with us for longer. Sometimes we are requiring upfront payments or returnable deposits.

Within Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment model, you will pay once project is finished, and then periodic subscription, often annually. All consecutive payments are lower as we will charge you for development only with the initial payment

If you decided to use Self Hosted (SH) service, you will pay once before source code provision.

We are offering unlimited revisions of the software, which means anything could be changed anytime. Usually changes are free, but rarely we will need to charge you for certain changes.

Should any error occur, we will be notified immediately via our systems. We will investigate and patch the problem completely free of charge. If any non-error technical issue will be discovered, we will also fix it ASAP for free.

SaaS has many advantages and this is our default deployment method. Software as a Service is very convinient, as we will deal with everything in the backstage. It is also better for us, giving us more control and flexibility to maintain, update and protect our customers. Self Hosting model is available to address needs of businesses that for some reasons would not benefit from SaaS software.

Hosting server, domain name, domain-related email addresses, quality SSL certificates for secured connection, and various oapp website management services as web analytics. Moreover, 24/7 maintenance and incident response.

Uptime is the time when system is running or is under scheduled maintenance. With carefully selected hosting service providers, quick maintenance and zero-downtime updates, we are expecting at least 99.9% uptime of your service.

You can terminate your services at any time.